About Us

Who We Are

We are journalists, scientists, marketers, business leaders, and citizens. Just as fall was about to start in America one of us heard, for the umpteenth time, that if everyone would just wear a mask for 60 days, we could immediately get back to work and end the pandemic, saving hundreds of thousands of lives in the process. (That may be an overstatement, obviously, but only by a little.)

Obviously, we weren’t the first people to have the thought, in fact, #maskup is already a message being widely shared on social media. The MaskUp Project is conceived to help the movement by providing and clarifying the key information, by spreading the message far and wide, and by getting people the tools and resources they need to MaskUp.

We began, as journalists and scientists, by getting the facts straight. On The Science section of the site, we’re evaluating all the research in the world on community mask usage in the pandemic. And please, don’t take our word for it, in that section you’ll also find all the original research so you can evaluate it for yourself.

As journalists and marketers, we’ve next sought to clarify and bottom-line all that research for busy people who have their lives to get on with and don’t have time to get a secondary degree as a paramedic. We’re working on helping others with the raw materials to share the message and make it their own as well. And then we’re doing everything we can to get that message in the hands of those who need it—that is, everyone.

Finally, masking up isn’t just a challenge because of the need to inform people about the key facts. It’s also a resource challenge. So one of the charter goals of the Project is to provide as many masks as we can to the people who need them. That’s first responders and medical personnel of course, but it’s also people who’ve lost their jobs, their business, or gotten sick because of a once-in-a-century disaster.

The Project has started as a collaboration between Nautilus magazine and the Daily Dot. But we hope you’ll join us as well. Masking up requires all of us to join hands in a common cause. You can be as much a part of it as anyone else.

  • You can share the message, by sharing one of our articles, infographics, or videos, or you can create your own.
  • You can insist people wear masks in your home, office, place of business, or institution.
  • You can donate to help create more articles, infographics, and videos, spread them far and wide, and buy masks and send them to people who need them.