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Your donations will be used to distribute high-quality masks to essential workers and others in need. It will also support our mission to spread the #MaskUP message and educate the masses on safe PPE practices.

The pandemic has made it clear that masks are a crucial factor in how many more will live or die–especially when COVID-19 variants could complicate what we’ve learned about the virus and the vaccine rollout. 

Clarion Media Group believes spreading the #MaskUP message can not only lend a hand to those fighting tirelessly to get the pandemic under control, but also save lives in the process. Plus, it gets you closer to hugging your loved ones again. Going to a movie or a concert. Traveling the world. 

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The MaskUP Project is a public service initiative of NautilusThink, The Daily Dot, and Nautilus magazine. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law, and will appear as a charge to NautilusThink—a 501(c)(3).